We Have Arrived In Mykonos, Greece Part#2

Today is October 7th and we have arrived on our cruise at Mykonos, Greece for the day. The day was sunny and bright. A beautiful day for a visit to one of our favorite Greek Isles. This is Part #2 of our visit due to the number of photos that were taken:

Cats have the run of Mykonos...cats everywhere and as for dogs

Dogs...well not so much...they know there place in the pet kingdom hierarchy on Mykonos

Street market vendor


A walk home from church

A Coco Chanel consignment shop...talk about expensive handbags. These trunks were fantastic

Greek couple enjoying time together on a slow stroll

What could possibly lie behind this gate...possibly a secret garden?

A quiet moment of reflection

Below are more examples of what I am calling Adriatic Art. The images seen are created by the ship as it goes through the water...also known as the "wake" Each one is an unique one of a kind work of art. Just like fingerprints...no two are identical

Below is La Cochina Italian Restaurant onboard the NCL Jade

Here he is...Rick...self proclaimed selfie king. Holding up my Sony RX10 at arms length and snapping great pics. Rick don't need no stinkin stick...as in selfie stick

Tomorrow we will be in Katakolon, Greece which will be the last port of our cruise
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