Our 16th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks a very special day for Veronica and I. Today we celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary.
For me it has been 16 beautiful and fantastic years of being married to my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my tried and true companion, my world traveling adventurer and of course my wife.
We have been through a lot of what life has to offer and it has only made the bond between us that much stronger and the love that I feel for her that much deeper.
I look forward to the rest of our journey through life together...hand in hand.
Happy Anniversary my love.

After The Storms Came The Sunset

Here are various sunset photos that I took after the storms cleared out

More Storms Pass Through Our Area

Just a little while ago we had more storms pass through our area. Had lots of thunder and lightning but very little rain came from the storms. 
It sure got dark out though and of course I had to take some photos.

  A Coast Guard Helicopter was out in these storms 

Working Hard And Shedding Weight

It has been a little while since I have written anything. That is not that unusual during the late Spring and Summer months. During this time period I am usually more active and outside a lot more.
I have been focusing on losing some weight that I had packed on over the Winter months. Although I was able to continue my weightlifting routines in the garage during the Winter months for the most part, I was not able to continue my morning walks due to various medical issues.
I am still dealing with one of those issues...the torn meniscus in my left knee.
I have been continuing my walks with this injury to see if my knee will hold up for our upcoming vacations...fishing trip to Canada in August and our NCL Med cruise in October.
I have pushed my knee pretty well doing over 7.5 miles on a few occasions.
Unfortunately as of lately I have developed some bothersome hip issues....most likely over compensation on my bodies part for the knee injury.
I am now setting a 3 mile limit on my walks along with icing my knee and hip down along with taking an anti-inflammatory for the swelling. Hopefully that will get the left hip issue to calm down enough that I can once again walk further.
The warmer weather has finally arrived here which I need in order for me to be able to shed weight. This is one thing my body needs for the weight loss process to work.
So far I have lost a solid 13 pounds and I am working on losing about 5 more but I also want to gain more lean muscle mass. So as long as any weight gain is muscle from the lifting, I will be happy.

Some Wild Storm Clouds Came Rolling In Tonight

We had a line of storms come rolling in tonight and with them were some really wild and ominous looking clouds.
They ended up looking much worse than they were...mainly some rain and that was about it.




50th Anniversary Framed Card For My Aunt And Uncle

My Aunt Fran and Uncle David will be celebrating their 5oth Wedding Anniversary at the end of this month.
In honor of the occasion I decided to make them a hand made framed card that opens just like a regular card by lifting the picture frame up or it can be displayed as a work of art.

Tonight We Switch From Sunsets To Thunderstorms

We had a nasty line of thunderstorms roll through our area tonight and I was able to capture some of the intensity on my camera and below these photos are some videos that I took:

Sunset Photos For Wed 6/12/13

Here are some photos of the sun setting over Colington Harbor. I was also able to take a couple of photos of various boaters that were out on the water.



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