Santa Is Alive And Well And Is Living On The Outer Banks of North Carolina

Tonight I donned my Santa outfit and we boarded our sleigh, also known as a Toyota RAV4 and we headed over to our Granddaughters place.
As it turned out, Savannah had just woke up to prior to Santa arriving and wasn't quite her usual bubbly self.
Santa dropped of Savannah's Christmas gifts and re-boarded his sleigh for the long journey back to the North Pole.
Below are some photos and videos of Santa's adventures tonight:

Santa in his sleigh heading off to Savannah's house
 Savannah just before Santa arrives

Santa delivering the goodies

A Day Of Holiday Baking

Yesterday was Sunday and Veronica was off of work. We decided to take advantage of her day off and did some holiday baking.
I made my "crack cookies". Why are they called "crack cookies you ask? Because once you eat just one of them, you are addicted and must eat more.
Veronica made some cupcakes and something she calls "puppy chow mix", which is chocolate and assorted Chex cereal mixed with melted white chocolate coating the cereal.
When we were done with our baking we evenly separated  all of the goodies and gift wrapped/boxed it all, so that we could give it to our local friends.
It was a fun day baking along side Veronica.
Here are some photos of the baking and finished goodies.

Below are the "crack" cookies 

And here I am playing Chef du Jour

Below is the "puppy chow" Chex mix 

Veronica and I proudly showing off her cupcakes

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