Foot Update

After going through several weeks of physical therapy, at home stretching, laser treatments, ultra sound treatments etc and having nothing but additional pain to show for it. Instead of continuing to do all of this for possibly months...which I have been told it could take to clear the problem up, I have opted to go the surgical route. There was a strong possibility that even if I spent the time, money and effort doing ongoing physical therapy for the several months that it might have taken to remedy this issue, there were no guarantees that it would work and i would end up with the surgery anyways. After returning from Vegas, I will meet with my Podiatrist and schedule the surgery for a couple of weeks after that. I will have to be off my foot for a week and then I will need to wear a walking boot for about 2 weeks. The type of surgery that I will be getting is called the Topaz Procedure...they don't even have to cut my foot open. Click here for more information about the Topaz Procedure
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