Day 8 And Day 9 Of Our Rhine River Cruise And Globus Bus Tour Of Germany

Day 8 was a travel day which took us from the Avalon Felicity, which docked in Basel, on a long van ride to Munich. In Munich we met up with our next group to begin the Globus bus tour portion of our adventure.
On day 9, which was Monday 9/10/2018, we took a bus tour of Munich and made a few stops to take in various sights before heading onto Regensburg.
Below are a couple of photos of our hotel in Munich. Unfortunately their was little to no air conditionng and it had been unusually warm, which made it uncomfortable for sleeping.

While in Munich we stopped at the Nymphenburg Palace:

After visiting Nymphenburg Palace we went to see the Glockenspiel in the Marienplatz, which is the main square and city center in Munich. 

 Below are views of the interior of St. Peters Cathedral

Here is a view of the oldest Brat House in the in Regensburg. Historische Wurstkuche...sits right next to the Stone Bridge and has been open for more than 500 years

 Below are views as seen from a short river cruise on the Danube River out of Regensburg

Anti Facist Movement/Organization in Regensburg 

Below is our hotel in Regensburg

Tomorrow we will continue our Globus Germany bus tour as we head to Nuremburg

Day 7 Of Our Rhine River Cruise And Germany Bus Tour

Finally and slowly getting around to posting entries about our last adventure. Our home remodel has been keeping me quite bust and away from posting about our last vacation. So let's pickup where we left off.
This would be Day 7 and on this day we docked in Breisach, Germany. Breisach is at the foot of the Kaiserstuhl Mountain on the French-German border. Breisach is also the gateway into the Black Forest region.After spending the morning in Breisach, we took a bus in the afternoon to visit Colmar, France.
Below are some photos of the sights while we were in Breisach:

Unusual piece of artwork in Breisach 

  Smoking is still going strong in Europe. This working machine was in Breisach.

 After visiting Breisach in the morning Veronica and I decided to take an excursion to Colmar, France. We had already planned on going to Colmar the next time we go to Paris but wanted to see if it would be worth a longer visit. As it turned out Colmar will be a place that we return to in Spring of 2019 when we go to Paris. We will take a train to Colmar and spend the night there. It is a beautiful place and will be more enjoyable after hours, when most of the tourists have left the area for the evening.

St. Martins Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Colmar 

Shoes nailed next to the windows of this residence in Colmar. Not sure what the reason they were there

Colmar had some beautiful canals running through it and flowers were in bloom everywhere

We left Breisach and were sailing towards Basel, Switzerland. We went through several locks on our way there. I was leaning out of our cabin veranda and saw this other river boat ahead of us heading towards a lock. I took this photo to catch the boat and the reflection of the boat on our ships outside windows

Below are views of one of the bigger locks our ship went through.

Tonight we had our farewell dinner on board the Avalon Felicity.
Tomorrow we will get off the ship with all of our luggage and take a van to Munich, Germany. We we supposed to be taking a train, in 1st class, to Munich but due to some sort of rail line maintenance issue, we ended up on an extremely long drive in a van to meet up with our next group on a Globus tour of Germany.

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