Day #12 Messina Sicily - Excursion To Taormina Sicily

Today we were to board a tour bus and drive to Taormina where we would have to day on our own to explore, shop or do whatever we felt like before returning to the ship. Please excuse the quality of several of the first photos. Once again they were taken through the dirty windows of a tour bus and there was a lot of reflection to deal with.
We were able to get some decent photos of Mt. Etna although it was hazy outside.
Here are some photos of our bus ride from Messina to Taormina and our time spent in Taormina:


 A view of Mt. Etna in the background along with a closer look below

 We have arrived in Taormina

 The streets became very crowded as the day wore on



 Here are those feet again

 This is the virew from the top of the parking garage. Our tour bus was parked a couple of levels down
  Various shots of Mt. Etna


 This different circular concrete shape and pillars was sitting in the middle of a rotatary. There was nothing on its top it it appeared to serve no useful purpose. Not sure what it was supposed to be but when I venture into the middle section of it I found some "Birds of Paradise" flowers growing there.

 and there was a tunnel on the back side of this structure

 Heading back to Messina in the bus now. More photos thru  the tour bus woindows 

 The below photos were taken from the upper deck while on the ship


 The next few were taken while we were dining and thru one of the dining room windows

 Outside of the Stardust Theater awaiting the doors to open so that we could get a seat for this evenings show 

 Below are photos of downtown Messina as seen from a bus

 More photos of the drive to Taormina and of the town itself




 Another shot of Mt. Etna

 This gentleman was painting using water colors

            This monkey was left for us by Pepito. This was Pepitos last day as our room steward. Actually Pepito was heading home for 3 months. His contract had ended and he would await a new one while enjoying some time at home with friends and family  
All of our towel animals end up here. It was like a big "mosh pit" for towel animals minus the music
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