Videos From The 2013 Polar Plunge In Virginia Beach, VA

Here are some videos that I took from the 2013 Polar Plunge that was held in Virginia Beach, VA to raise funds for the Special Olympics:

Below are a few videos of the Deloreans. They were a high energy band that played in the huge heated vendor/sponsor tent. They played on Friday night and they were great.

They had a few ice sculptures on the boardwalk and the ice creations were really good

They even had a flash mob show up for the event. They were dancing on the boardwalk outside of the huge vendor/sponsor tent
Below is a marching bagpipe band that played and marched on the boardwalk and also played on the beach as the plungers went into the water

Below are various videos of the plungers going into the water

Below is a video of the lady dressed as a jellyfish. She won for best costume on the catagory she was entered in
Below is a video of a hovercraft that had a video camera attached to it. I could see it hovering around over the crowd taking videos of the event. Later when I went inside the huge vendor/sponsor tent, I got a closeup look at the craft. It had approximately 4-5 propellers on it. At the time I saw it up close, the owners had it hooked up to his laptop computer...probably uploading the videos that the hovercraft had obtained during its last flight. You might have to look rather closely to see it on this video
More videos of plungers going into the water near the end of the plunging portion of the event

This was a great event to be involved with. I hope that next year, Veronica and I will be able to attend this event and help out again. A great event for a great cause!!!
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