Day 11 Of Our NCL Cruise Vacation - Dublin, Ireland

We got up early this morning and although we were a little sluggish from yesterdays adventures in Edinburgh, we were very excited to finish our breakfast and head into Dublin.
We found Dublin to be a fun place to visit and as it would turn out we were in Dublin on a very special was Arthurs Day in Ireland and there was a feeling of excitement in the air as the day went by. Arthurs Day celebrates the beginning of the Arthur Guinness story. For more information on Arthurs Day...please click here on this link...Arthurs Day
At the beginning of the day, the streets were rather quiet but as the day went by, it got very busy and the streets were quit crowded.
After getting shuttled into Dublin from the pier where we were docked, Veronica and I walked all of the place...Trinity College, the famous pedestrian only shopping district on Grafton and and the great and lively Temple Bar District to name just a few places we visited.
Temple Bar was a festive area with tons of bars and restaurants and almost all were decorated for the Arthurs Day festivities.
Around 11:30, Veronica and I were starting to get hungry. Upon a recommendation by a local retail person, we decided to go into Leo Burdocks Fish and Chip Restaurant. We were the first customers of the day and the people there treated us like family. Veronica and I ordered the Fish and Chip Platter  which amount to a huge piece of fried cod and a unbelievably large amount of fries.
Before we received our food, I was taking pictures of the menu and the inside of the restaurant. Next thing I know, this man walks up to me like he knows me and he starts talking to me. I had a hard time understanding what he was saying but as it turns out, this gentleman was the owner of the restaurant and he thought that I was the person that he must have hired to do some interior work on the restaurant and that is what he thought with me taking photographs of the interior. At least that was my take on the whole thing.
This gentleman finally discovered that he had made a mistake and we both had a great laugh about this and shook hands.
It was about this time that our food arrived. While eating our delicious meal , another gentleman and a young lady entered the restaurant. They carried a camera and some sort of floors plans or schematic that was rolled up. They headed into the back room area and met with the owner for a period of time.
This was the person that the owner had thought I was.
Before leaving Veronica took a couple of photos with me and the owner and I shook his hand again just before leaving.
He made some comment to me that I took as meaning that as far as he was concerned, I would always be his friend.
We smiled at each and parted ways but I do know that when we go back to Dublin, I will definitely drop in to visit my Irish friend and to have some more of the best fish and chips that I have ever had.
Our day in Dublin ended way to soon for our liking and it was with some sadness that we headed back for our bus/shuttle ride back to the pier where the ship was docked.
That night we took it easy and prepared for our 2 day sail back to Copenhagen and our subsequent return home.

Guiness awaiting shipment to its thirsty customers

Pedestrian only shopping district and street

You don't see many furiers these days

Happy feet in Dublin

It's got to be a bakery

Our feet made it to the Temple Bar district

This building was just outside of  Dublin Castle 

Below is a bar and the elevator that they use to get product down to their storage area

I believe this was a head was like being thrown back to the 1960s

I can finally say I went to college

The Temple Bar area had lots of eclectic bars, restaurants and stores

A really neat fishing store that we found in the heart of Temple Bay

Leo Burdock's Fish and Chips...the best Fish and Chips in Temple Bay and in Dublin...don't believe me...check out the Hall of Fame list shown belown

Now this is a great meal...Burdocks Fish and Chips...malt vinegar and tarter sauce please

Below is the owner and my new was like running into a long lost relative

More great photos of the Temple Bar area

Grafton Street in Dublin..pedestrian only shopping area

Brown Thomas store

 It must be Arthurs Day in Dublin

 This is a big "no no" for me. Those who make or buy tour busses should not put stuff on the windows that would be used to take photos through. 

A unique bridge in Dublin

Below are various housing types in Dublin. Unfortunately most were taken through a tour bus window

I found this neat light in a retail store and took a photo of it and then altered it using one of the programs that I have. Came out kind of cool

Below is a photo of a window display at the Brown Thomas store. I then used a program to alter it

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