Our Bags Are Almost All Packed

As much baggage as we have, you would think that we are running away from home for good.

We are getting real close to our vacation starting. Only 7 days and a wakeup. I am keeping an eye on the weather channel. There are 3 tropical depressions/huricanes out in the Atlantic that I am watching closely. Hanna should be in our area Saturday or Sunday. I am not too concerned about Hanna. My main concern would be the next hurricane that might be heading in our direction...Ike. It might be around Florida possibly by Tuesday. We are flying out around 9 AM on Thursday morning. Hopefully Ike will slow down a bit until after we are gone or even better, that it takes a totally different path..maybe staying out in the Atlantic. Below is a picture of all of the baggage that we are taking with us to Canada. The real trick is making sure that each bag weighs less than 50 pounds. Over weight luggage cost a lot more than having one additional piece of luggage. They have you coming and going.

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