From Sun And Sand To Snow And Shovels

Well, last week Veronica and I were in the Outer Banks enjoying a little sunshine and watching the ocean waves rolling onto the beach.
Today is a totally different story. Back in Virginia Beach we are having a snow storm.
So far we have about 3-4 inches and there is talk of another 4-8 additional inches possible.
Obviously mother nature was not going to allow us to leave without a grand send off.
This will be the most snow that we have seen since moving here.
Actually, this is more snow than we have had over the last 8 years if totaled up.

Our Latest Visit To The Outer Banks

Veronica and I just got back from the Outer Banks yesterday and here are some photos and videos of our most recent trip. Beow are some photos of the saltwater aquariums that were in the hotel lobby

We had just had a front move through and it was quite windy the day after it did. The waves were still a little choppy, which made for great photos and videos
Most of these ocean front houses are empty just waiting for all of the tourist to hit town

As you can see, there a very few cars on this ocean front road. I am sure that this is completely opposite of what it will be like in the Summer

Sand art at its best

Below are various videos that I took. The sound of the ocean sure can be soothing.

Kissed By A Moose

My friend John Jakobs, from Ontario Canada, sent me this great photo. Thank you for sharing this with us John.
The caption that accompanied this photo is:
Pete Young is standing on his back deck which is about 2 feet off of the ground and he is about
6' 1" and weighs about 250lbs, so she is a fair sized critter.
This photo was taken in Fort St. John BC, Canada

Busy With Moving Preparations

I have been really busy the last several days preparing for our upcoming move. Even though the movers are doing a complete pack, there is still plenty to keep me busy.
I took all of our belongings out of the attic and put them in the garage.
Bought a bunch of extra large plastic bins with covers so that I can get a little more organized and have things all together, where I can actually find them when the time comes that I need them.
Been making lists of everyone that I need to call to notify them of our change of address.
Got our new phone number already and set up for the installation of our internet and cable services...the same company that has our telephone service. Been looking into changing our car insurance over to our new state.
This Monday I will be going with Veronica back down to OBX...she has some work related things to take care of and I will go back by our new residence to double check our window measurements just to make sure that we got the right size of drapes.
I need to measure our kitchen floor so that we can get a throw rug in there.
I will also be trying to get my NC drivers license while I am down there. Just a lot of things going on right now.
This moving stuff can sure be a little overwhelming at times...that's for sure.
At least my foot is starting to feel better. I keep working it and stretching everything...everyday it seems to get just a little better.
Hard to believe that in 4-5 weeks, we will be living on OBX. How cool is that!!!!

And Here They Are- The 2009 Redneck Award Winners

I received the following 2009 Redneck Award Winners from my friend, John Jakobs, from up in Canada. Thank you for sharing these with us John.
Redneck Harley

Redneck Bass Boat
Redneck Grill

Redneck Horseshoes

Redneck Lawnmower

Redneck Weather Station
Redneck Pet Carrier

Redneck Gingerbread House
Redneck Wedding Reception

Redneck Guest Bedrooms

Redneck Palm Pilot

Redneck Powerball Winner

The above Powerball Winner on Vacation
The Redneck Yacht

You Might be aredneck if... A little rain doesn't spoil the fishing...
You need fashion tips from your husband...
wear a shirt like this for your engagement picture...
your wedding cake looked like this...
Your doghouse looks like this...

Your pickup looks like this...

You have a deer's butt for a door bell...

You don't need a lake to do a little skiing...
Or if your wife is quoted in the local paper saying

It Is Now Official - We Are Moving And Why??

Last week Veronica and I went to the Outer Banks. It originally was for a couple of days just to get away, enjoy ourselves and to take in a few of the sights that the area had to offer.
Things ended up changing rather quickly right before we left on this little getaway. Veronica is currently a store manager for a large discount retail business and they offered her a new store that is being built on the Outer Banks. So as it turned out, we ended up looking for our future place to live. I did some quick research on the internet and Veronica made several telephone calls so that when we arrived, we would have several places to look at.
This trip ended up being very hectic and rather stressful at times. We had 2 full days in which to locate our new residence.
Besides the sticker shock, we were blown away by how few quality places that were actually available for long term leases and at a reasonable price point. Most places catered to the weekly summer rental crowds. So many of the places were really run down and that was sad to see. I guess that is what happenes when you have a lot of turn around with tourist coming in and out for a week or two at a time.
Because we were there during the off season, other than the locals, the place was rather quiet.
We noticed that many of the restaurants close up for the off season. We found a few that were open and they seemed to cater to the locals that live there year round.
After much looking and being very disheartened at our possibilities, we did find a place that we could make do with. It was not an ideal choice but we could and would have to make it work...we just could not find anything else in the time frame that we had..even though we had gone through about 5 -6 realtors and property management businesses.
Late Friday afternoon, we decided to stop at one last property management business just to see what we might stumble onto.
As it turned out, we got very lucky and stumbled upon a gem.
For just a little more money than we were going to have to spend on the original place, that we felt stuck with, we ended up getting a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath beauty. This was a condo that was made in 2007 or 2008 but had not been leased out until we showed up.
We walked into the place and it was brand spanking new....never lived in.
This condo has so much space and tons of storage too. It is away from the beach front area and the main hectic travel corridor. It is a very small development area with only a few condo buildings...2 Five unit buildings and a few newer homes.
There is a club house and pool.
The development sits close to the sound, so from the back condo windows, you have a sound/water view.
The garage/carport area can hold up to 3 is very deep and in the back of it, there is a enclosed 11 1/2' x 6' storage area.
This unit comes with a brand new washer and dryer too.
We will be moving into it around March 1st.
There is so much work to be done before that date that at times I feel very overwhelmed by it all.
This definitely will be a year of change and lots of travel.

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