More Practice Means More Photos

I have been spending some time getting to know the ins and outs of my new Sony DSC-RX10. I want to get good enough and comfortable enough with this camera so that by the time we go to Paris this Fall, I will be able to take some great photos without any issues. I have been using different settings to see how they effect the photos. Last night I went out and took some more photos as the sun was going down and through the clouds.

Tonight Was A Beautiful Sunset

Here are some photos from tonight's sunset:

More Practice Photos And Video With My New Camera

The day before yesterday we had some storms come through our area. I was to utilize this opportunity to practice taking some photos and videos of the storms. Although a few came out fairly decent I will be looking for some online tutorials so that I can get betting at using this new camera.
Below are some "snapshots" that were obtained from some of the videos that I took of the storms. I was mainly focusing on the lightning from these storms.

Below are a few videos that I took:

Practicing With My New Camera

Veronica got me a new camera and tonight we had a beautiful sunset so I decided to practice using various settings. Here are some of the photos that I took:


A Busy Month Of June For Us

This month will be busy for us as far as special occasion holidays go. On the 14th we will celebrate Husbands Day. This along with Wife's Day are holidays that Veronica and I made up to give thanks and acknowledgement for what we do for each other. And of course the day is to show love for each other too but that is also done on a daily basis. We figured that if Hallmark can make up their own Holidays then we can too. On the 24th is my Birthday. Hitting the big 59 this year. And then on the 28th of this month is the biggest celebration of the month...our Anniversary...this year will be our 17th.
Along with these Holiday and special occasion days come gifts.Even though these special days are a few days off, Veronica and I have already given each other gifts along with a few extra "just because love gifts".
I got Veronica the new Brother Scan N Cut to give her more options with her art work. I also got her a new camera. It is an upgraded version of her old camera and was very highly rated. It is the Canon PowerShot Elph 330HS, which has a longer optical zoom range, if WiFi ready and a faster processor in it.
I also got her some sewing necessities from WaWak and also 130 spool batch of Gutermann polyester thread off of Ebay and a Gutermann spinning thread tower.
For a combo Husbands Day, Birthday and Anniversary gift, I got a fantastic top of the line camera from Sony...the CyberShot RX10. This camera was highly rated. It is totally different from my old camera, which Veronica will no take over. I was originally thinking about upgrading my old Sony CyberShot DSC- HX100V, which has a 30x optical zoom lens, to one of the newer Sony mega zoom CyberShot cameras that have a 50x optical zoom lens. There was a huge price difference between the two but I wanted to be able to take the best photos possible, especially with all of our upcoming travels like Paris France and some of the Greek Isles and of course Venice Italy. I also got some weights for my workouts along with a whole bunch of camera related goodies.
Below are photos of just a few of the gifts we gave each other:

It's Turtle Time

I went outside a few minutes ago and saw this big guy cruisin across the drive in front of our place. Took a few quick photos with Veronicas' camera and then I left him alone so that he could be on his way. I went back outside with my camera to take a few more photos and this guy was long gone. I looked all over the place but could not find him. Must of had some jack rabbit DNA in him/her.

She Is Back At Home Where She Belongs

Today Veronica and I went to the Dare County Arts Council building in Manteo, so that we could pick up Veronique and bring her back home where she belongs. While packaging Veronique up for her journey back home, we received the blue ribbon for the Excellence Award along with an envelope.
I did not open the envelope until we had reached our car and have stored Veronique in the back of the vehicle.
Upon opening the envelope I found the letter that is shown below. I also found a check enclosed within the envelope. I figured that it might be a check for $50 at most for getting 1st place and winning the Excellence Award. When I looked at the check, I had originally thought it was for $25 but upon further inspection I realized that the decimal point was over to the right one space. The check was for $250.00. can you believe that. Not only did I win the Excellence Award along with a blue ribbon, a nice letter from the Dare County Arts Council containing the judges impression of my art piece but I also won $250.00.
A good day indeed!

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