2 Once In A Lifetime Moments All In The Same Day

Today there were supposedly 2 once in a lifetime moments and both had to do with numbers in sequential order. Roughly four seconds before 12:35, the digital date was 12:34:56 on today's date of 07/08/09. Then this afternoon at 4:56 the numbers are sequential again at 4:56 on today's date of 07/08/09. But were both of these occurrences actually once in a lifetime moments? Well they weren't if you were born before 1:23AM on April 5th of 2006, which would make the sequence 1:23 on 04/05/06. These particular numerical events only occur in countries where the month comes first when writing the date out...like today is 07/08/09. Countries such as Britain put the day before the month, which would make today 08/07/09. I am sure that somewhere in time, Britain has had their share of numerical once in a lifetime moments. Were you aware when these sequentially numbered events occurred today? Did you stop and take a moment to acknowledge the event? Like most of us, these one minute events passed me by while I was busy doing other things. But isn't that the way it usually is? Each of us have once in a lifetime moments on a daily basis. They might be something very small or trivial or something very grand but no matter how big or small, unfortunately most of these special events pass us by without us even realizing that they have occurred. Or maybe by the time you realize it, it is too late to relish and treasure the moment. Maybe it really is time for each of us to slow down just a bit and as that old saying goes....take a moment to smell the roses.
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