Our 5th Day On Vacation In Paris, France

Today ended up being a rather full and busy day for us. We started of our day going to an outdoor market, then we went to the Pantheon. After that we went to St. Sulpice, which was a beautiful church. From there we went to Luxembourg Gardens. After spending some relaxing time in the Gardens, we walked around for a while until it was time for dinner. It was a great day.

Outdoor markets that we spent quite a bit of time at over the days we were in Paris. 

Below is the interior of the Pantheon

 Veronica found her next car..a nice Citroen
St. Sulpice is a church that is behind the Pantheon

A truly beautiful church on the insides

I did some experimenting with my photo editing program to see what  I could create with it. I ended up with some rather interesting photos

  This is a replica of the  Shroud Of Turin

Some stores and sights we saw on our way to Luxembourg Gardens

I love the detailed ornate art work on some of these beautiful buildings

 We finally made it after a pretty decent walk. The gardens were very peaceful and relaxing

The kids were having a great time sailing the small ships in this big fountain. Even the ducks got involved

The fountain below was absolutely beautiful and made for some really great photo opportunities

These horses were just outside of the Luxembourg Garden gates 

Some more sights after we left the gardens

Below are photos of the self claimed "smallest cupcake shop in the world"

The shop itself was extremely small. A girl came from a door that was at the rear of the little room. She came in carrying a tray of tiny cupcakes. Had to gives girls credit for coming up with something like this.  

You can see how narrow this little room was
Here is the cupcake Veronica chose
Here is the one I picked...pistachio
The concept was clever and unique but the cupcakes were onlyfair
Here is a store that sold clothes by the kilo

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