Day 7 of our Baltic Capitals Cruise- Part 1 of the 2nd Day In St. Petersburg, Russia

Our day started a little earlier because we did not have to stand in line and wait as long to get off of the ship and go through Russian customs. This morning there were no real lines and we just showed our passports and off we went to our bus.  

It was also a very nice and sunny day which was a lot better than yesterdays dark, dreary and rainy weather

First stop of the day was a subway ride. We went way underground to catch our subway. Our tour guide warned us to all stay together and make sure that we all got on the same subway car, so that we wouldn't get lost.

I had heard a lot about St. Petersburg's subway stations, with some of them being like museums. Unfortunately the one we went into wasn't anything like that.

 This was Veronica's first subway ride and boy was she excited and a little worried. The escalator that leads down to the subway platforms is very very steep but she seems happy enough here after getting off the escalator and boarding the subway car.

I think this brief video sums up how Veronica felt about the subway ride

After the subway ride, we got on the bus and proceeded to take a drive approximately 17 miles South of the city. We were heading for Catherines Palace.

Catherine’s Palace - typical of Baroque style of architecture, was built for the wife of Peter The Great in the village of Tsarskoe Selo, or today's Pushkin, and it became known as the Catherine’s Palace. This Catherine was not Catherine the Great but instead Catherine I. Catherine the Great was Catherine II. And with that brief history lesson, let's get on with the photos.



This will wrap up Part 1 of our 2nd Day in St. Petersburg, Russia. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.
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