My Days In Soddy Daisy

Back in 2001, Veronica and I bought our first house in Soddy Daisy, TN. are reading it correctly....Soddy Daisy. C'mon..who names a town Soddy Daisy??? How about Stumpy Petunia or Plodding Daffodil??? Me thinks that whoever named the town was hitting the ole hookah a little bit too much that day. After moving in, I decided that I would give creative landscaping a try. Below is the outcome of my creative endeavors:

Although you can't see it in this picture, I placed bricks all along the front gardens.

This was one of my pride and joys. I built this fish pond from scratch. It was about 3 foot deep and we had various types of gold fish in it. I also put underwater lights in the pond. I placed them in such a way that they pointed up at the waterfall and illuminated the falling water at night. We also had some water lilies in the pond. It really looked sharp at night especially since the light that was pointing directly up at the falling water was red. I also added this fountain in our front gardens. I had lights pointing down and spot lighting the fountain at night.
Here is a view of the back of our house.
Closeup of the gardens in our backyard.

This was my second pride and joy. I placed underwater lights near the front of the water tub and had them pointing up at the statue and the water falling. I used the white background of our house as a "movie screen". At night, when the lights were on, there would be a big shadow of the fountain and of the water falling, displayed on the back of the house. The lights were strong enough to make the shadow pretty detailed. You could actually see the water falling and moving. It was really sharp.

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