Home From Vacation And Gearing Up For The House Remodel

Veronica and I just returned from our most recent adventure. We went on a 7 day Avalon Waterways Rhine River cruise followed by a Globus 7 day Germany bus tour. I will have more about that vacation along with plenty of photos as time goes by.
We are gearing up for the start of our major house remodel. This upcoming Monday our kitchen renovation will commence. We will be without a kitchen for approximately a week if not longer. Previously I had posted "before" photos. The "after" photos will show the dramatic changes that were made.
Then on October 8 we will be starting the renovation and remodel of all of our bathrooms.
This all will be followed by a complete painting of all interior surfaces, then carpet and finally the hard wood flooring will go down.
We got lucky around here with Hurricane Florence missing us for the most part but because of the possibility of the next hurricane not being a near miss, I am seriously entertaining estimates for a whole house natural gas backup generator that would automatically kick on when the electricity goes out. It should be interesting to see what the labor and installation costs will be for the unit. More on this and photos of the renovation/remodel as time goes by.....
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