Day 5 Of Our Baltic Capitals Cruise- Tallin Estonia

We got up early this morning and had some breakfast. We returned back to our cabin, grabbed our gear and headed out to greet the new day.

On the pier just outside out of the area where our ship was docked was a line of taxis.
We picked one and headed up to the Toompea Castle area.

Tallinns medieval city walls and towers were the mightiest around 1530. The walls and towers surrounded the Old town and protected its citizens from outsiders. After that period, with the development of firearms the walls lost their importance and most have slowly decayed. There are a few sections of the wall and several towers that are still visible today.

The are several viewing platform higher up in Toompea Hill where you can view the rooftops of the lower level shops and streets of Old Town.

This is a view downwards from one of the veiwing platforms. 

The old Tallin and the modern Tallinn

The architecture throughout the town was really impressive

Here is a very modern water closet...toilet. Everyone has to pay to use this unit. When you are finished using this bathroom, the door closes and the bathroom unit completely cleans itself on the about sanitary. 

Many of the streets were empty when we first stared our day out. It did not take too long until it got crowded though.

I found some of the most inresting styles of doors in the Old Town.

Veronica's knight in not so shining armor

This is one of many views that I took of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The building in the background is the nations Parliament Building. I believe that this Baroque styled building dates back to Catherine The Great.

This appears to be a tunnel but when I walked down it, it opened up to some lowers walkways and stores.

Below are views of a couple of walkways that you could get through by walking down the stairwell and through the "tunnel" that I showed you in an earlier photo.

I found numerous churches and so many different styles of architecture that I had a great time taking photographs.

One of many outdoor cafes that were in the area.

Several view of the Old Town Square

This is the restaurant that Veronica and I decided to have lunch at. We ended up splitting a really good thin crust cheese pizza here.

And when the day was done and returned back to our ship, we were given this beautiful sunset to help us remember our great day in Tallinn, Estonia.

Here is a video of where we had lunch at. The thin crust cheese pizza was really good. 

Tonight we will have to get a good nights rest because tomorrow we start a 2 day excursion into St. Petersburg, Russia

To view all of the photographs that were taken in Tallinn, Estonia that did not make it on this blog entry, please feel free to view this slide show. You can actually click on the slide show itself to enlarge the photographs.
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