Frustration Abounds

It has been a really rough last several days on the health front. Saturday I felt well enough to mow the front yard and Sunday I did the back yard. This was only 4 days after my surgery. Monday I went for my morning walk. By Monday afternoon, things started catching up to me. I think that I pushed things a little too quickly...just trying too hard to get my life back to normal. These last couple of months have been extremely frustrating for me. It seems that as soon as I start feeling a little better and start being a little more active, something happens and I find myself further back than when I started. That old step fowards, 2 steps back....comes to mind. My tongue is doing better. It seems that where the suture line is on my tongue, lines up perfectly to where the top ridge line of my molars are. Everytime I talk, my tongue seems to rub over the jagged edges of my molar teeth. This really irritates my tongue and I am sure that it slows down the healing process. Lately my throat and ear, both on the right side, have been hurting. After having a rough night last night, I decided to just totally take it easy today. I might to give my body a break over the next couple of days. I think that this surgery took more out of me than I would like to admit. I go to the oral surgeon next Tuesday so that he can take a look at my tongue, to make sure everything is healing well. I am so used to being "on the move" that relaxing and not doing a darn thing is really hard for me to do. Hopefully I will have better days to come, in the near future.
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