Day 8 And End Of Our 2010 Alaska Cruise Vacation

This morning we docked in Seattle. Veronica and I had previously packed our suitcases and enrolled our luggage in the NCL Bags Program. For $20 a person, you provide NCL with all of your return flight information, you pack your luggage and leave it out in the hallway before retiring for the evening. NCL will pick up the luggage and take care of getting it to the airport and getting it all checked in. You will see your luggage upon getting to your final destination. Any luggage charges levied by the airlines will be applied to your onboard account. This program works out great, especially if your flight isn't until later on in the day and you want to walk around and check out the sites in Seattle..which is what we did for a while.
What's a trip to Seattle without visiting Pikes Place Market

Great seafood rules supreme in this market

It was Mothers Day so the were flower stalls jammed packed with flowers everywhere

These mini watermelons could fit in the palm of your hand

Those King Crab legs sure look good

These shrimp wre huge...biggest that I have ever seen

Homemade pasta bar..dried pasta of all types...including chocolate pasta

Lookws like they had a little fish art going on here

These dyed flowers looked beautiful

Assorted signage and funny stuff in the area

We stayed in Seattle for several hours and then headed to the airport. Because our flight did not leave Seattle until 10:35 that night, we settled down in a quiet place in the airport. We landed in Norfolk airport around 9:00 the next morning and from there a 1 1/2 hour drive home. With that drive, our 2010 Alaska cruise vacation came to an end. Our next big adventure will be this upcoming September, when Veronica and I will be heading to Europe for a 12 day Baltic Capitals cruise on the NCL Sun.

To see all of the other photos aned videos that did not make on my blog, please click on the "ALL Alaska 2010 Vacation Cruise Photographs and Videos" link. This link is on the upper right hand portion of my blogs main page.

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