An Amazing Light Show

It was quite the night last night. During the evening hours, we had some really intense storms pass through our area.
You might have heard about the devastation from some of the many tornadoes that swept through the Southeast and Mid Atlantic states.
We actually had a couple of tornado warnings that included our immediate and locally surrounding areas.
Veronica and I grabbed our emergency lantern, her Ipod Touch, a cordless telephone, a cell phone, my wallet, her purse, an envelope containing some emergency funds, a large comforter and headed down into our lower level bathroom, which is the lowest inner most room in our place.
We hung out there for a while, until the warnings had cleared.
I popped in and out of the bathroom to keep an eye on what was happening outside.
We didn't get any hail and less rain that I expected for the intensity of these storms.
What we did get an over abundance of was lightning. I have not seen a light show like that in years and it was truly amazing. Just flash after flash after flash...all blending in with each other.
I think that the last light show that even came close to this more natural one, was back in the late 60s or early 70s when I had been smoking a little something something and had my black light on and the strobe flashing, all while listening to some Black Sabbath. Wooo....what a flashback!!!
I just got back from my morning walk and found just a few tree limbs and some tree bark laying in the street. The only other things I found was a stray lost turtle that I promptly put in the grass and pointed him/her in the right direction to the wet marshlands and a tipped over Porta Jon that the workers use at the new house building site.
Needless to say, I did not tip the Porta Jon to its normal position. They don't pay me enough to do that job.
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