Garden In Limbo

On my last post I mentioned that my various garden areas are ready and that I am awaiting two important things...warmer weather and the arrival of my live plants. I have all of my potatoes waiting to be planted and all of my corn and carrot seeds.
Below are photos of my expanded garden area:

Below are the 2 potato bags that I ordered

I have a total of 23 planter pots. The white plastic box that is on the table in the background will be used for some more carrot seeds.

The 3 at the end of this line of pots are larger than the others and will be used for tomato plants. All of the others will be used for an assortment of sweet peppers.

This is the raised garden that I fenced in and put new boards around last year. I just recently placed new landscape plastic down in it to keep the weeds down to a minimum

Below is a garden area that used to have numerous day lillies in it several years ago. It also had a Rose of Sharon small tree/bush that was not doing very well so I pulled it out and put some landscape plastic down. The areas that don't have plastic will be used for carrots and potatoes

These are my customized tomato cages that I will be using for the largest of the tomato plants that I will be growing. Instead of using stakes to hold the cages in place I cut out flaps that lay on top of the plastic and put the bricks on top of the flaps to hold the cages down during windy days and storms.

Today it got up to 37 degrees and the wind was blowing at 20 mph. Tonight we are supposed to drop to 27 degrees. Hopefully warmer weather will be here soon.

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