Medical Update

My back has calmed down enough for me to get back into my weightlifting workouts again. Plus the weather has been nice and warm so instead of riding my recumbent bike for 30 miles, which seems to take forever, I now do a 5 mile walk in the morning and another 3 miles in the afternoon.
As far as my other health issues...I am on my 2nd 30 day dose of Cipro to see if I can get my PSA levels down to a reasonable level. Taking the Cipro everyday is about the only thing that I am certain of as this point in time.
After completing this 30 day period, Veronica and I will be traveling back to Norfolk, an approximate 2 hour drive so that I can go back to my original Oncologist...whom I really trust.
I will donate my usual amount of blood for my Mast Cell Disease testing and also a little extra so that they can check my PSA levels.
We will then go over all of radiological test results including that rather scary MRI one that I posted about.
I have a bad feeling that if my PSA levels don't go down sufficiently, then I am destined to have a Prostate Biopsy done shortly thereafter. This is something that I am dreading.
The day that we head up to Norfolk will be a day that consist of 2 completely opposite halves.
The first half of the day will be dealing with the ever depressing and stressful medical issues.
But when that part of the day is over with, we can switched gears and transition into something much more enjoyable....the Jimmy Buffet concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Virgina Beach.
So from the doctors office, we will head to our hotel and relax for a while before getting all gussied up for the concert that Veronica thought she would never see.
Like I said...a day consisting of complete opposites. I refuse to let the 1st half of the day ruin the 2nd half.
As they say in the business...the show must go on.
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