Our Cruise Vacation Is Getting Closer

As of today, Veronica and I are 59 days away from sailing off into the sunset on our 2012 Cruise Vacation.
Since we plan on traveling more and more as time goes on, we went out and got ourselves 3 new suitcases. They are very lightweight, have spinner wheels, are 29 inches tall and are expandable.
The only thing left to get for our cruise is a soda pass for each of us. I have to wait until we are 45 days or under before I can call NCL to get these passes. NCL will give us a souvenir mug, which we can fill up with our soda of choice as many times as we choose during our 14 day cruise.
We plan on starting our packing about 2 weeks prior to our leaving.
I will do some checking on the current projected weather conditions for each of the ports that we will be visiting, so that we pack clothes that will be best for the weather conditions.
Cruise Ship - Ticker

We have another cruise scheduled for 2013 which will include Italy and the some of the Greek Islands
Only 1 year, 2 months and 23 days until that cruise departs......but who is counting!

Cruise Ship - Ticker
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