The Beginning Of Our Alaska Vacation 2010

Our vacation started on Thursday night, 5/29.
Veronica and I headed to a hotel near the Norfolk airport.
The following morning, we were up bright and early for a 5:30AM flight.We flew from the Norfolk airport to Atlanta and then onto Seattle. Once in Seattle, we got on to a shuttle bus that took us up to Vancouver, BC.
Unfortunately we got into Vancouver too late to explore the city.
We ended up getting something to eat and then off to bed we went. It had been a rather long day and night.
The following morning, we got up and grabbed a quick breakfast.
Our suitcases were downstairs in the lobby, awaiting the arrival of our transfer shuttle, that would be taking us from the hotel to the pier and onto the ship.
While we were in the lobby awaiting the arrival of a transfer bus, we met a very nice couple that had 2 young adults.
We quickly became friends and spent quite a bit of time with them during our entire cruise. Out of respect for their privacy, I won't be mentioning their names but I do want to give them a shout out and say "Thank you" for the great time and I am sure we will be in touch with each other. And a verey special sout out to my favorite ballerina and pirate....AAAArrrrrggggg!!!!!
During the shuttle ride from the hotel to the pier, we were able to get a glimpse of the Vancouver area.
It sure looked like a nice area and I really wish that we had more time to spend there and explore but we had a ship to catch.
I get a few minutes to take some photos before we stood in line to board the ship.
I found many interesting buildings near the pier.
I really enjoy taking architectural photos.
Please note that I took well over 1000 photos during our vacation. I went through and picked out some of my favorites to put on this blog.
When I am done posting about our vacation and some of the photos, I will put a link on the upper right hand side of my blogs main page. The link will take you to a location where all of the photos from this vacation can be viewed.
I should also mention that just like last years vacation to Alaska, we had fantastic weather...mostly sunny days, with the high temperatures between 50-62 degrees. We could not have asked for better weather.
Here is a photo of what they call Canada Place. Canada Place is a cruise pier, building along with a hotel. It really is a beautiful structure.

Overall view from Canada Place
Some of the architecture around Canada Place

Another photo of Canada Place in Vancouver, BC
The downtown area of Vancouver was beautiful with a lot of diverse architecture

Here is Veronica standing in front of where the Olympic flame was staged. The Olympic flame was different from what you have seen previously..not what I expected to see.
Here is a large Lego Orca whale. Looks pixelated when close up

Another view of the Olympic flame

More of the Vancouver downtown buildings and architecture

I really like the reflective photographic pictures

Not sure if this was part of an apartment or more likely some type of office.

Another view of Canada Place

The backside of Canada Place

Mail box art
View of Canada Place from our stateroom balcony
Additional city views from our stateroom balcony
Here is a filling station that is on a barge that sits in the middle of the river
Here is the view for the Summer Palace Restaurant on the Pearl. This is where we had our fire drill muster before our cruise officially got under way. We also ate a couple of dinners here. This is one of the "non surcharge" restaurants.
Veronica standing by a statue in the Summer Palace Restaurant
Additional views from our stateroom balcony
Some sort of ferry
Vancouver SkylineNot sure who all of the people are on the upper deck
Mountains outside of Vancouver

Another photo of the Ferry

Vancouver skyline and Canada Place as we were sailing out at the beginning of our cruise

As the sun slowly sets and peeks through the clouds on our first night out to sea

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