Gimme Coffee And No One Gets Hurt!!!

I am not much of a coffee drinker during the Summer months. Coffee and hot humid weather aren't a good mix for me. I usually get a queasy stomach, so I tend to stay away from the ole coffee during the Summer months.
But once it starts cooling down a bit, that's the time I start getting my java mojo on.
On the other end of the spectrum, Veronica tends to drink coffee year round.
We each have our own coffee preferences.
Veronica likes her coffee strong and I am a real wimp...I like my light and sweet.
I started drinking Chicory coffee. Kind of like what they drink in N'Orleans. I am sure that the instant Chicory coffee that I drink is much milder that the "real" stuff, but for me it does just fine.
When I feel real adventurous, I will use my French press and put some real ground chicory coffee beans in it and let it steep for a while. I don't get adventurous too often though.
Usually when we make a pot of coffee, we usually have some left over and throw it down the sink.
I mentioned to Veronica the other day, that I was thinking about getting one of those single shot coffee makers.
I had never really looked into these types of machines, so I had to do some research to figure how reliable they might be and how they work.
After doing my research and talking it over with Veronica, we decided to get a Cuisinart single cup brewing system.
We ordered it online through Amazon.
It works the same as any of the Keurig or Breville systems, just a different body style.
Not only do the sell over 200 types of coffees,teas and iced teas/coffees and hot cocoa for this system but it also came with something that they call a "My K cup". This "My K cup" is basically a cup that you load whatever ground coffee that you like to use and the cup fits right into the machine, just like the regular K cups that you purchase do.
So you can either use your own ground coffee or use the K cups that you can buy.
The "my K cup" stores in the side of the machine.
This machine holds 80 ozs of water and will make 5 different sizes of coffee that you can use between 4, 8, 10, 12 and 20 oz cups. All you have to do is turn the unit on, decide what kind of coffee you want and pick that K cup, open the top front loading area, put in the K cup, close the top of the loading area, click on the size/amount of coffee that you want and then click brew.
It also has a hot water feature for when you might want to just make instant coffee or steep a teabag.
The machine is rather quiet and so far has done a great job.
I just got done making a cup of coffee and it worked really well along with producing a good cup of coffee.
We went to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and bought a bunch of different styles of K cups.
Now we won't be wasting coffee nor will I have to stand around and wait for the microwave to heat up my massive mug of water...usually takes 4 1/2 minutes on a high setting. My coffee mug holds about 32 ozs.
Plus we can each have own style of coffee to drink without one of us having to drink the other ones style from the communal coffee pot.
Below are photos of our new brewing system. We also got a nice K cup holder to hold the individual K cups. I think this holder can handle 32 K cups.

Here is the little beauty along with our new K cup holder to the left of it.

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