Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out As Planned

Yesterday Veronica and I drove to Sterling, VA for Veronica's work. I decided that I would spend the next 4 days in a hotel room reviewing all of the 3000 or so photos that we both took while on our latest 14 day NCL Sun cruise and after picking out the best, upload them onto this blog and also chronicle our daily adventures while on that cruise.
I decided to take my 6 month old HP Envy 17 computer with me for the very first time on this trip. I could have brought one of our older computers like we usually do but because of what I wanted to accomplish on this trip, I felt it would be best to use the computer that I always use at home so that I could place photos into specific desktop folders based on the date the photo(s) were taken. Upon getting to our hotel room, I plugged my computer in and tried to turn it on. Unfortunately nothing happened other than one little light on the f12key lit up and this little light only stayed on until I stopped pressing on the start up button.
After an hour of frustrating attempts to get my almost new and rather rather rated and reviewed computer to start, I decided to try to do a live chat with an HP online tech on our Apple IPad. Unfortunately this did not work out well.
I then called HP and spoke to one of their tech support personnel. Unfortunately after spending approximately 1/2 hour on the phone with this tech, our telephone connection turn extremely poor and I was disconnected.
By now my frustration level was rather high, as probably was my blood pressure.
I called HP tech support one final time in order to see if we could figure out what was wrong with my computer.
After being talked through several tests on the computer and with not having any luck at all as far as getting it to boot up, it was decided by the tech and her supervisor that my motherboard was gone....fried...toast...jam or jelly. It doesn't matter what descriptive name used to describe my motherboards condition, it wasn't going to do me any favors and miraculously start working.
The tech told me that my computer was still under warranty and that she would be sending me a shipping box along with all of the proper paperwork needed to ship my computer back to HP at no cost to me whatsoever. The FedEx shipping both ways was free and whatever work that needed to be done on the computer would be completed completely free of charge to me.
This was great news especially for us because we had just returned from a costly vacation.
So upon my return home this Friday, I should have a box awaiting for me to ship my computer back to HP.
The biggest disappointment will be that I will have to wait another week or two in order to begin my photo review and blogging about our great adventures overseas.
An update to the above written blog entry.
I decided to go ahead and at least start the draft of each days activities while Veronica and I were on our cruise. I have started writing each days activities and have saved it in draft form. Then after I get my computer back from the shop, I can go through all of our photos, upload them onto the appropriate day and then post it. At least I can get the writing portion done while I am here at the hotel. It is a little more difficult because I am typing it all on our IPad and I am not really used to using it for this type of work. It is not as blogger friendly as my laptop is but it will have to due in a pinch.
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