A General Update Not To Be Confused With A Major Update

It has been a few days since I made a blog entry. Things have been a little slow around here.
Veronica and I decided to make reservations at the Crowne Plaza at Fort Magruder in Williamsburg, VA.
The hotel was kind enough to offer us 2 free nights after what had occurred on our last visit there. If you missed that news, please refer to earlier blog posts.
We decided to take them up on their offer and we will be hooking the 2 nights stay at the hotel to the beginning of our upcoming Las Vegas trip in February.
This will work out great for us because the airport is just up the road, an approximately 30 minute drive from this hotel.
This will be a nice way to start of our 1 week vacation.
I will be taking photographs of our room and let everyone know how everything turned out.
Today we had to go to our local Walmart to get a bunch of things.
Little did I know, Veronica had other reasons for us going to Walmart.
She was searching for some type of free weights or dumbbells for me to use as part of my workout regiment.
We found a Golds Gym set that was selling for a good price. For $20, I got 2 14" bars with 4 safety grips to keep the weights on the bar, 4 7.5 pound weights and 4 2.5 pound weights. Not a lot of weight but I am not really looking to "bulk up", mainly trying to tone things up a bit.
And that's not all...while looking at the weight set, Veronica saw a Golds Gym workout bench that was selling for $49. She told me to go ahead and get the bench too and it would be an early Christmas gift. A small workout center for around $70...a great deal.
Being of sound mind and somewhat sound body, I knew that it wouldn't be wise to turn down Santa and tick her off for the rest of the Holiday season, I very happily and very merrily put the boxed workout gym in my cart.  Upon getting home, I put the bench together and checked out the weights.
Now I can vary my workouts between cardio and some light lifting.
Thank You Santa!
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