Besides Memories What Else We Brought Home With Us

Both Veronica and I are sick.
I started feeling poorly with about 4 days of our cruise left. I tried to ignore it and kept on going.
It really caught up with me on our last 2 sea days before returning to Dover. The flights home were miserable too.
It seemed like every time I turned around, someone was coughing and hacking.
Every time I heard someone do this, I tried to get away from them as quick as possible plus we used tons of the anti germ lotion.
There were a couple of real sick people on our long flight from Heathrow back to Newark.
Veronica told me that while I was sleeping, a passenger was so sick that she threw up.
Yesterday I started to feel a bit better.
When we got home, we emptied the car and left all of the suitcases on the hallway floor.
We then promptly went to bed.
This was around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
Veronica was starting to not feel well at this time too.
I slept from the time we went to bed in the afternoon until 6 AM yesterday morning.
Veronica ended up sleeping and staying in bed until this morning, when she had to go to work.
Whatever germs were floating around, we caught more than our share of them.
I started working on preparing all of the photos for my blog entries.
Because of the volume of photos that I took, it will take just a bit of time to get them all ready.
Between that and not feeling well, I am hoping to start my blog entries about our Baltic cruise by Saturday or Sunday.
I forgot to mention that my leg and hip did cause me some problems during this trip.
Many of the cities and locations that we walked were old sections of town and there was a lot of uneven terrain and cobblestone streets.
That did not help my leg issues out any, but with the help of medication, I was able to do what I wanted.
I have my big doctors appointment coming up on the 29th of this month and I am hoping to get some answers as to what is going on with my leg.
Until then I will continue to try to do my walks and ride on my bike.
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