Last of the Vegas Videos

This is a video of one of the atriums in the Palazzo Hotel

Here is a video from one of the fountains that is outside of the Palazzo/Venetian Hotel

Another video of the Palazzo atrium

Below are videos of the Treasure Island pirate show. Treasure Island was directly across from our hotel but because there are no crosswalks in our area, we had to walk a block down the street and then over the street via a pedestrian walkway. After the show was over with, it took us a good 45 minutes to an hour to get back to our hotel. The crowds were so thick that we had to wait around 15 minutes before we even started to leave and we ended up walking the other direction for a block and then over a different pedestrian that took us adjacent to the Wynn Hotel. The last 2 videos are the best...they have fireworks in them.

Videos From Inside Of Caesars Palace in Vegas

Here are some videos from inside of Caesars Palace

Here is a video of the inside of our suite ate the Palazzo Hotel

Las Vegas Videos

Here are some videos from St. Marks Square in the Palazzo Hotel at Las Vegas

A video from the strip of the New York New York Hotel complex

Here is a brief video of a waterfall outside of the Wynn Hotel

Vegas Videos

Here are some videos of the gondola rides inside The Venetian Hotel

Here are a couple of videos of the volcano show at the Mirage Hotel. Unfortunately I never got there to see them face to face. I just happened to catch these videos as we were outside about a half a block away from the show.

Here is a video of the wall of M and M filled cannisters that they had at the M and M store on the strip

Last Of The Las Vegas Photos

More photos of the inside of the Caesars Palace complex

For some reason, with all of the masses of humanity that were visiting Las Vegas and the way some of them behaved, this kind of sums everything up! Sorry folks but I call them as I see them.
These were displayed in one of the stores

Living statues in the Palazzo

Veronica with one of the living statues

Another really nice store window display

Inside the MGM Grand

Veronica made another friend outside of the Ka' theater before the show. The show was the best one that we have seen yet. We were only 6 rows back from the stage and just right of center. I really enjoy being so close to the action.

New York New York hotel complex

Additional Various Photographs of Vegas

Early morning in Vegas was the best time for us to walk the strip. Everyone seems to sleep in late after a long Vegas night. We found ourselves staying up later than we usually do.
These were the 2 hotels that we right next to ours

Treasure Island or TI as it is known in Vegas, was right across the street from our hotel. They had a pirate show a couple of times a night. I will be posting some videos of that show in the near future.

More photos of the Caesars Palace complex

One of Veronicas favorite stores

Sorry about the focus. These were some really cool looking Asian statues

Inside of Tao

Same thing but using a different camera setting

This Dog Is Really Barking

I did an awful lot of walking up and down the Vegas strip during our recent visit there. By the end of the day, my foot was barking at me for being so cruel to it and it let me know all about its displeasure with me. I did my best to make nice with it using Lidoderm patches...large patches that basically numb the sore areas and through the use of prescribed of course. Unfortunately my barking dog was not impressed with my minuscule attempts of keeping it happy. Flash forward a week later...went to my Podiatrist today and surgery is all set for 11/24...out patient. The surgery should be short and sweet...about 20 minutes from sleepy time until wakey wakey sleepy head. I will have to be off my feet...most of the time in my bed for about 3 weeks and then I need to wear my walking boot for about 4 weeks. These times are approximately. The doctor will know better as soon as he starts this procedure and finds out how tough the "band" in my foot is. Basically...if the "band" is tougher to penetrate, then the longer my rehab time will be. I may or may not have to go to physical therapy. It all depends on the outcome of the surgery. I will be very glad to get this surgery is done. These dogs have many places to take me over the upcoming year and I want to do it pain free.

Photos From The Eiffel Tower

While in Vegas, we had the opportunity to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower in Vegas is nearly 50 stories high (reached by elevator) and the views at the observation deck come from being almost 460 feet in the air. Here are some views of the Eiffel Tower and from the observation deck.

This is a view from inside the Eiffel Tower building. They made it to look as if the building was built around the Eiffel Tower structure

I thought that these lamps looked really cool

Below are views from the observation deck...some 460 feet above the ground. I am scared of heights and as we were going up in the glass elevator, I almost did not get out at the top. After noticing the heavily enclosed struture and viewing area, I felt safe enough to venture out and get some good photographs.

This main road seemed to travel on forever and seemed to disappear into the desert and surrounding mountains.

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