MRI Results

This last Thursday I went to my Oncologist office to find out the results of my recent MRI exam.
The MRI was supposed to let us know what has been going on with my upper right leg and hip.
I have been having quite a bit of pain for the last 3-4 months.
The MRI results were negative as far as any type of muscular problem with my right side.
What did show up were the lesions that are on my bones in the area that the MRI was looking at.
These lesions are caused by the Mast Cell Disease that I have and unfortunately the pain is also part of the disease process.
Currently the pain is manageable through medication.
If the disease decides to get more aggressive, the pain can be excruciating/debilitating.
The pain has not stopped me from continuing my exercise routine.
I still am able to walk 5 miles in the morning, bike a minimum of 12 miles in the morning, do another 2 miles in the early afternoon, which is followed by another minimum of 12 miles on my recumbent bike.
Actually today I did 35 miles on the bike.
My personal best has been 52 miles on the bike...that was divided into 3 segments.
All in all, I am doing pretty well except for the nagging pain in my leg and hip. I start a new set of meds for the pain as soon as I pick them up from the pharmacy.
I did reach my goal weight of 175 pounds and now it is just a matter of keeping it there. That might be tougher than losing it....I do like to eat ya know!!!
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