Our 2nd And 3rd Day In Boston

Yesterday Veronica had nothing scheduled with her employer so we had the whole day to ourselves to explore Boston. It was a rainy dreary day but we put on some warm clothes and our waterproof jackets and headed out. We ended up going to Quincy Market and the Faneuil Hall areas. There are many local and national brand shops in this historic complex.
Due to the rain and time of year, it was not quite as busy as it could have been but it did get crowded in a few areas a couple of times.
After spending some time shopping, we decided to walk further into downtown Boston to check out the Boston TJMaxx store.
We decided to have an early dinner and ate at one of the downtown Smith and Wollensky steak restaurants.
Because it was going on 4PM, the restaurant was basically empty and except for maybe one other couple, we were the only ones in the restaurant.
Veronica decided to try their Filet Mignon with a side of their hash browns that had sauteed onions and green peppers in them. I went for a burger with fries.
We were very disappointed with both of our meals. Veronica's steak was not of the best quality and after sitting on the plate for a couple of minutes, the meat was very dry. The hash browns came out on its own plate and there was enough potatoes on it for 3-4 people but some of the hash browns weren't done and we found very little onions nor green peppers in there. I did not care for my burger at all either. We paid for our meal and left thinking that we should have spent a few dollars more and had gone to Ruth's Chris instead.
We walked around downtown Boston for a little while longer and then headed back to our hotel.
Below are some photos that we took while walking around in Boston:

I thought that The Littlest Bar was kind of cool looking

Below are photos of the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall buildings both inside and out. There were one after another various food vendors lined up beside each other on both sides inside the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall Market Place. The food ranged from Indian to Bar B Que to Baked goodies to Clam Chowda to hotdogs/sausages to Asian delights. Almost anything you wanted, you could get in this building. 

Below are various architectural building photographs

We saw this alleyway and with the lighting, it looked kind spooky and dark. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.
This morning we got up after sleeping in a little bit. It was still dreary and raining out. We decided to walk over to Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market and get a bit of breakfast there. We then walked around downtown Boston for a bit before returning to our hotel.
Below are photos of the old State House.

After taking a brief break, we ventured out again and walked along the harbor front. Below is a photo of the back of our hotel.
Photo of us near the water front

Around 2 we decided to have lunch at an interesting looking restaurant called the Chart House  There was a lot of old exposed bricks and wood beams. The place had a good feel and the food was decent. Because of the hour, we ate off of the lunch menu and both Veronica and I had a cheddar burger with skinny fries. Here is a photo of us both before lunch was served.

Here is a photo of the inside of the Chart House. It was a very open 3 level restaurant that had exposed bricks, a lot of old wood beams and wooden accents along with this heavy looking wrought iron style of staircase. This restaurant had some character to it.
Here is my lunch..the before photo
And here is my lunch- the after photo...almost like it never really existed
Continuing our walk around the water front area

Here are some small speed boats that are rented out from the Indian Wharf Marina.  Click on this link for additional information on the Boston Harbor Mini Speedboat rentals

We saw this houseboat docked in the marina. The sign on it says Freedom Boat Club...Join Our Club...Use Our Boats...No Cleaning...No Hassle...Just Fun. Sounds pretty good to us. This looked just like a small house floating on the water. They even had a satellite dish attached to the roof. For more information, you can click on this link...  Freedom Boat Club

Here is a photo of the clock tower that appears to be rising out of a parking garage.

Since Veronica had her awards ceremony, which is the reason for us being in Boston to begin with, we needed to head back to our hotel to give her a chance to get dressed and ready for the upcoming ceremony and subsequent dinner.
Tomorrow will be our last day at the Boston Harbor Hotel. We extended this trip a couple of days but since many of the hotels in the area are sold out due to several large events/conventions in the area, we will need to check out of this hotel by 1pm and head on over to our next hotel...The Residence Inn on Tudor Wharf in Boston.
We will spend Thursday and Friday night at that hotel before heading back to Norfolk Airport on Saturday morning.
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