Day #11 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #3

This is the last post for Day #11...Florence, Italy

2nd floor window advertising

Keeping a watch over Piazza Santa Croce
Cool looking old lock

A truly beautiful sunset presented itself while we were on the shuttle bus returning us from Florence back to Livorno where our ship was docked. I apologize for the quality of these sunset photos.
There is nothing worse than trying to take quality photos through a bus window. The photos comes out poorly because the bus windows are usually dirty or you get strong reflections off of the windows. I have even had to try to take photos through or around bird poop that was on the window. I usually don't spend much time taking photos when I am seated on a tour bus but because of the colors and beauty of this sunset, I decided to try to take these from my inside seat which was 8 rows behind the driver and making the most of a not ideal situation. 

Some harbor photos taken just before we set off for our next and last port of call....Palma de Mallorca /Palma Majorca

Day #11 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #2

In this post Veronica and I continue our day in Florence, Italy:
 Below is the Piazza della Repubblica which is a city square in Florence, Italy

 Below is the view of the Florence Cathedral as seen from a roof top restaurant

 More of the Florence Cathedral

Gates Of Paradise With Bible Stories On The Door Panels Of Duomo Baptistry in Florence

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