Barney And Weight Loss Update

While riding my recumbent bike yesterday in the garage, I had a visitor.
One of Barneys owners, Jane, stopped by to talk to me about Barney biting me and to see how I was doing.
Jane was very apologetic and offered to pay whatever medical bills that there might be associated to Barney biting me.
Jane told me that Barney was in quarantine for 10 days and that if/when they decide to take Barney for a walk through our neighborhood, they would have him on a leash.
As long as the other end of Barneys leash is attached to one of the owners hand, I am all for this.
I really appreciated Jane stopping by.
On the health front...I am still having problems with my hip and hip flexor area.
I keep working and walking through the pain daily.
I have actually upped my walking and recumbent bicycle distances.
I do a 5 mile walk in the morning followed by an 8-11 mile bike ride. Then in the afternoon, I do another 2 mile walk followed by a 4 mile bike ride.
There have been some days where I get lost in the music that I am listening to and wind up doing a total of 25 miles on the bike.
This has happened a couple of times and let me tell you, I am usually dripping with sweat and really tired out by the time I am finished.
All of my hard work has finally paid off and has put me in the area of my original goals for weight.
I have been to 2 different doctors offices and weighed myself in each. Both weigh ins had me around the 177.5 pound range.
Now that I have reached my original goals, I am thinking about trying for 5 more pounds.
Not sure if I will attain that goal but at least I will work towards it.
We had some rain off and on today, so I took the day completely off and gave my body a break from any and all workouts.
I actually treated myself to a cup of coffee this morning...something I almost never do during the heat of the Summer.
Tomorrow I will get back in the swing of things and start in earnest towards my new goal.
So far...27 pounds have been lost.
Yay me!!!!!
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