One really hungry dog

Here is a video of Dakota. She was one hungry dog and had a really hard time waiting for me to bring in her grilled steak.

Walleye fishing on Lac Suel with our friend Ken in Ontario Canada

Both Veronica and I went out for a few days with Ken a friend of ours, who does some guiding for Steve at Andy Meyers Lodge. Had so much fun this day fishing with Ken.

Can't catch a fish with your pants falling down

After a full day of fishing

there's nothing like a grilled burger!!!!

buzzard falls on beautiful eagle lake

last video of buzzard falls

More video of Buzzard falls and perhaps a caught fish

Videos of Buzzard Falls

Buzzard Falls on Beautiful Eagle Lake

Not only Beautiful but a great place to fish.

Veronica and Steve Herbeck with Veronica's first Musky

Views from the Camp at Andy Myers Lodge

These are views of the Eagle Lake from Camp

Random Images of Camp at Andy Myers Lodge

Interior of the Lodge at Andy Myers

Andy Myers Lodge Fish house

A view from the boat as we are heading out. They keep live bait tanks in here and also filet the fish here.

Just a few more fishing photos

These stone formations are called INUKSHUK

During our drive from Fort Frances onto 502 heading towards Dryden in Canada, besides seeing bears sunning themselves on the culverts next to the road and an occasional moose in the bogs, my wife and I would see quite a few rock formations on top of the boulders that are along side of the road. We came to find out that these rock formations are called Inukshuk and the literal meaning is "in the image of man". Here is a great link to read all about them.

A few fishing photos

Lac Seul Walleye fishing
Eagle Lake Musky fishing

Dakota Andy Myers Lodge Camp Dog

But don't tell her she is a dog. Dakota is a constant companion of ours while we are staying at the Camp. She will come to our cabin for dinner every night and will hang out with us until it is time for us to go to sleep. On days where my wife doesn't go fishing Dakota will stay with her in the cabin the entire day. We have been known on occasion to buy Dakota her own T-Bone Steak. She is by far the best dog we have ever come across. Steve Herbeck sure knew what he was doing when he picked Dakota.

The views from our Cabin

Amazing views from the cabin and a view of the cabin.

Watch out for the Moose

The one thing you have to be careful of when traveling in Canada is Bears, Deers and Moose on the side of the road. You will have to click on the picture to get a good view of the moose.

Float Plane

Every day right outside of our cabin you can hear and see the float planes coming in the morning and returning in the evening for those folks that want to go fish a different lake.

Eagle Lake Walleye Fishing

Now this is a picture of Cal, he has turned out to be a great friend and a fantastic fishing buddy. He guides out of Andy Meyers Lodge ( If you ever get a chance to fish on Eagle Lake make sure you ask for Cal. Tell him the old man Rick sent ya.

Lac Suel Walleye

Ken is a friend of ours and a guide out of Andy Meyers Lodge (
This is one of many nice size walleyes that were caught on one of our trips.

A few photos of the yard

Some photos of fishing in Canada 2007

Here are just a few of the photos taken during a vacation in June. We stayed at a fantastic place in Vermillion Bay Ontario Canada. Try it just one time and you will be hooked like we are.

Pictures of the Birds from the Weeping Cherry Tree

these are pictures of new born robins
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