Day #9 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #3

This is the 3rd and last part of our visit to the Amalfi Coast

 Below is the villa owned by Sophia Loren

 This looks like such a cool place to visit but so very hard to get to

 The colors of the water along the Amalfi Coast is truly beautiful. The camera does not do it justice.

Furore is a small village located in the Coast of Amalfi, in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. A long time ago, there was a small settlement here scattered over the mountain overlooking the sea, along a scenic road. There were no central piazza and no tight clusters of houses. The paths and stairs that led to the village were also not visible from the coastline, so that Furore remained practically hidden to the passing traveler. This earned Furore the name of “the village that doesn't exist.” It was then the mayor decided it was time to put his tiny comune on the map. He ordered every house to be brightly painted so that they couldn’t escape the sight of travellers passing down the road. This tradition is maintained till this date, by inviting artists from around the world every September to paint and decorate the local buildings with murals. Furore’s main attraction is the so-called fjord or Fiordo. It’s actually a ria - a narrow gorge cutting inland from the sea, created by the Schiato stream that runs along the mountain to the sea. A cluster of old fishermen's houses cling to the cliffs. The fjord is also the oldest part of Furore. The main village now stands 300 meters above, in the upper Vallone del Furore.
The fjord is bypassed by an arch bridge over which a state road passes. The 30 meters high bridge is also the location where every summer the International Diving Championship is held.

The local authorities have made the fiord into an appealing tourist spot. An old lime kiln has been converted into a bar and gift shop, the old houses have been renovated, and a museum tells of the industrial heritage and botanical diversity of the fiord. On midday, the sun manages to break through the narrow gorge and shines on the short beach just a few meters wide, attracting a lot of people. This information was obtained directly from Amusing Plane

 Beautiful colors off of the Amalfi Coast

What a nice day spending time together and visiting a place that we thought that we might only see on those travel shows.

We ended up leaving the port of Naples approximately 3 hours later than we were supposed to. Our delay was possibly caused by a tour bus returning very late to our pier. We eventually got under way. Our ship was docked in a protected harbor area that protects the ships from foul weather. Everything was going smoothly as we made our way from the safety of the protected harbor towards open water.
As soon as the ship made it past the last of the walls/barricades that made up the protected harbor all hell broke loose. It happened so quickly that it was amazing the weather we ran into. Within seconds of leaving the protection of the harbor we were hit with heavy winds and very rough seas. Wind swept waves and spray were all around us. It was like walking into a hurricane. The winds got up to 51.9 knots (approx 59-60 mph winds) according to the information provided us on our cabins. television. It was a wild ride the entire night on the ship. I apologize for the quality of these photographs but everything happened so very quickly and the wind and waves were very turbulent. There was wind swept spray coming off the white caps and it was blowing in all directions. The fury of nature can be quite amazing at times.

Tomorrow we will be arriving in Livorno...the gateway to Rome...or would we????? 

Day #9 Of Our 2016 Vacation And Cruise Part #2

Here we are in the town of Amalfi.




 Now this is what I am talking about.  I stand and get photographed and I get treated with pizza...what a deal! Plus I get to enjoy a carnival that is in town. Pizza AND a don't get any better than this.

We had a great time in Amalfi. It was quite a bit different from the last time we were here. We were here a couple of years ago and it was at the tail end of the tourist season so all of the shops were open along with all of the restaurants. This time it was the off season so everything was quieter, slower paced and many of the restaurants were closed for the season.
Stay tuned for part #3 of our Amalfi Coast adventure. 

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