The Day After

Last night I had some pain from my Prostate Biopsy. The level of pain was what I would call moderate.
I was fine after taking a pain pill and had no problems throughout the course of the night.
Since having the biopsy procedure completed, I have urinated several times and I have had one bowel movement.
Of course these major earth shattering events are not usually something that is considered blog worthy, at least on this blog. I mention it only to let inquiring minds know that I observed no blood in my urine and no blood has been observed in my bowel movement. I was kind of pleasantly surprised with no blood being visible at all. Truly a reason to celebrate...WOO HOO!!!!!!!
Now that the celebrating is very minimal pain. I seem to be getting more pain from the issues caused by my back than those that might be caused by the biopsy and those back and leg pains are a daily issue with me.
As soon as I get the all clear from the results of this biopsy and get the radiologist official results from my most recent round of back x rays, I will be contacting a local chiropracter/spine type of doctor and start getting my back and legs issues resolved.
I plan on taking it easy today.
No long walks and definitely no lifting.
I will probably make a post office run and then I might clean our bedroom.
Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might try to go for a walk.
I will have to wait and see but so far so good..
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