Picking Out Our Favorite Photos

Veronica and I have been picking out our favorite photos from our recent Baltic Capitals Cruise.
We already got several that have been enlarged and put into frames.
We have many many more to go and it is a process that will take a while to complete.
Once we are done and all of our favorites have been enlarged and framed, we will have to find room for them all.
Rather than putting holes in the wall and hanging the picture frames from a nail or picture hanger, we have been leaning the photos and frames against the wall and on the carpet. This gives the place an almost photographic studio feel to it and it really looks good displaying the photos that way.
We also put some of the photos and frames on the mantle that is over the fireplace and on several pieces of furniture.
It should look really nice when we are done.
We are heading out for a couple of days and going to Williamsburg. It is about a 2 hour drive from here and we will be spending a couple of nights in a hotel. We have our house sitter coming over tomorrow night, so I will have to make a food run for him.
I like that we get to go away for a couple of days. I love being able to be with Veronica and get away for just a bit. No phone calls...no distractions...just her and I spending time together.
I was a little worried that our camera would not make its way back here before we left for this little break but it is supposed to arrive here today via UPS.
The weather is supposed to be nice so I should be able to get some good photos while we are away.
And if I do, I will of course share them with you.
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