My Garden Flower Pictures for the Day

Here we have Dahlia, then 2 more Malva with a bumblebee ( click on the pic to get a larger view of the bee) and finally the island in the backyard that has some huge Daylily plants and a Rose of Sharon bush/tree. Most of the daylilies will be in full bloom very soon along with several other different flowers. Right now we are kind of in between blooms. I hope you enjoy.

Even more flowers from my garden

Here you have another picture of a Malva, then a Daylily, then a Dahlia and finally some Mums.

More Flowers From My Garden

Here we have some more flowers from my garden. First we have Roses of course, then we have a Balloon Flower and then we have what they call Malva, which is part of the Hollyhock family. Look close and you will see a big ole bubble bee on the Malva. It looks even better when you click on the picture to get it larger.

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