Preparation For My Prostate Biopsy Has Begun

Well ...."that" day is almost upon me.
"That" day being the day of my Prostate Biopsy and is officially tomorrow at 10AM.
Yesterday I started taking my Cipro, which which is to combat any chances of infection from the procedure.
I was told to start the Cipro on the day of the procedure but I figured that it couldn't hurt to get a head start on the medication.
I am supposed to do a Fleet enema in the morning prior to us leaving for the 2 hour drive to the location where the procedure will occur.
I have decided to do a Fleet enema tonight and then another one around 6 AM tomorrow morning. I am doing an extra one not because I enjoy such things but because I would rather be as clean as possible in the bowel area the procedure will be taking place. At least that is my thought process. I am doing everything possible so hopefully I won't get any type of infection from the procedure.
I will be taking a change of clothes with me too. Not that I expect any accidents to happen on our way home but I would rather be safe than sorry.
Because the doctor does not give his patients anything to relax them prior to the procedure, I will be self medicating about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the procedure. My relaxation drug of choice will most likely be Xanax. My other possible choice would be Valium. Even though Xanax would be used for the stress relief and to calm me down, the Valium would be for the pain during the procedure. Because I will be getting a local during the procedure, I shouldn't need any pain medication until after the procedure, if any is needed at all.
I am not sure that I will take a whole pill. I mainly want to take just enough to relax me and take the nervous edge off of the situation. So I figure a half a pill will do.
I am glad that there is not a lot of prep work needed for this procedure.
It is quite different from the prep work that I went through for my colonoscopy.
I can even have a light breakfast if I choose to.
So my biopsy journey and story officially has begun and I will give step by step details for those who might be facing the same procedure as I am.
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