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Shortly after I wrote and posted my last blog entry, I received a comment from an Eric Ketzer. You can view the posted comment by clicking the comments link on my previous blog entry.
As it turns out, Mr. Ketzer is the Social Media Communications Manager for Charter Communications.
To be honest with you...I was really floored to have had someone locate my blog entry and then take the time to leave a comment and write me, requesting information to help solve a problematic issue.
Mr. Ketzer also sent me an email requesting information about my address, the order number and information that applied to my installation.
A short while later, I received a telephone call from another Charter representative named Antoine. We ended up on a 4 way conference call with myself, Antoine, Brad(the local installation supervisor) and I believe it was someone from billing.
After discussing the situation, it was agreed that Brad and/or another Quality Assurance Technician would be at my home this morning at 9AM.
Brad assured me that they would make everything right for me, on the installation aspect of things.
The individual, from what I think was billing, told me that Charter Communications would compensate me for our troubles by giving us a free month of total service and there would be no charge for the installation.
After the telephone call ended, I felt much better that we were heading in the right direction of getting this matter settled.
Brad along with the Quality Assurance Technician arrived here at 9 AM sharp and they went through the complete installation process for all of our services...cable, telephone and internet. They checked whatever work that had been previously done by the last technician, discussed options with me and made all of the appropriate changes so that I would get the maximum level of quality for each service that I ordered.
These 2 gentlemen were highly qualified, very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable with everything that they did and all of the services that they provided me.
I want to publicly thank Charter Communications, Mr. Eric Ketzer, Antoine, the person from billing whom I spoke to on the telephone, Brad the local Installation Supervisor, the QA technician whose name escapes me....sorry...chalk it up to old age...and another young lady by the name of April, for helping turn this negative situation into a very acceptable and positive outcome.
I thank you all.
Now I can finally make full use of our new Samsung is good and so are the Kansas Jayhawk basketball team... especially in HD...Rock Chalk Jayhawk...Beak'm Hawks!!!!
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