New Piece Of Workout Equipment

My new Pec Deck arrived here yesterday. It is the Body Solid model GPM65. It took me a couple of hours to get it put together since there were no instructions included. All they gave me was a schematic but it was a copy of a copy of a copy. Needless to say it was rather difficult to read.
I tried to locate an actual instruction manual online but it appears that the company did not make one for this model.
I was relatively surprised that I was able to get it all put together with only a few minor mistakes being made.
One thing I like about this particular model is that it has a small footprint, which is important since I am running out of space in our garage.
It measures only 28-by-65-by-32 inches (W x H x D).
I used this machine for the first time today and it works really well and is very smooth.
Below are photos of my new Pec Deck:

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

Today I began the road back to a full recovery from my knee surgery. This morning I walked 5 miles without taking a break and I also started back into my weight lifting workouts.
I am kind of wiped out tonight. It has been a while since I have done both walking and weight lifting workouts on the same day, which is what I was doing daily before my knee problems started up.
It will take a bit to get back into things in full stride.
My pec deck arrived today. I was not expecting it until tomorrow. I will spend part of Friday putting it together. Hopefully that job will go smoothly. I will take a few photos if it after I have built it.

Slowly Getting back Into My Routine

I have been able to make slow but sure progress since my right knee surgery.
Last Thursday I was able to walk about 2 miles. Saturday I walked 4 miles and today, since it is cold, windy and damp out, I will try to ride my recumbent bicycle for a bit and see how many miles I can put on it.
I have to go back to my orthopedic doctor tomorrow morning. He will be taking the stitches out and how I am doing on my recovery.
I am planning on getting into my full workout routine on Wednesday...both my walking and weightlifting.
I ordered my pec deck a couple of days ago and it should be here in about 10 days or so.
I am looking forward to adding that piece of equipment into my workout routine.

My Breasts..."I Love Them Like They Are My Kids"

Now that I have your attention...back in February of 2009 I wrote a blog entry titled Is KKK The New C Cup? I Hope Not!!! . This blog entry was written about Sheyla Hershey who sports 38KKK breasts.
Veronica and I were watching television the other night and a commercial came on air about a new episode of a program called My Strange Addiction. This programs commercial was telling about an upcoming episode which featured Sheyla Hershey and her famous breasts. For those who are interested, this program will air this Sunday night, 2/26/12 on TLC at 10/9C.
I guess that I will now have to amend the title of my previous blog entry about this subject, to read..Is 38KKK and/or 38LLL The New C Cup? I Sure Hope Not!!!
And in closing I would like to say my age I believe in steering clear of any appendages big enough and heavy enough to knock me for a loop or give me a concussion. I'm just saying....

Below is a story written and published by Krista Wick on web site and shown on an and write up:

February 17, 2012

$250,000 is money well spent, says Sheyla Hershey of her massive, 38KKK implants. Not only do they delight the men folk, the 32-year-old has come to love them as much (or more) than her own daughter.
"I love them like they are my kids...They are the most good thing in my life," explains Sheyla. "The women [are] always jealous because their husbands can't keep their eyes off my breasts."
Despite a recent, life-threatening infection, Sheyla aspires to go even bigger. Can friends stop her from pursuing the L's?
Find out when the all-new episode of My Strange Addiction, airing Sunday night on TLC.

Below is a video featuring Sheyla Hershey on discussing here breasts:

Getting There Slowly

Today I went for my first walk since the knee surgery.
I ended up walking down to the point and then back up and around our clubhouse parking lot and than around an island that is in front of our place.
I took a break between each "lap" and ended up doing 3 "laps". It might have totaled a mile but at least it is a start.
I took my time and did not try to push it too much.
I iced my knee down tonight and it feels pretty decent.
Won't be long until I am back into my routine.
Once I get back on my feet a little more, I am planning on purchasing a Pec Deck. I will add this piece of equipment to my ever growing gym that I have in our garage. I will use this apparatus to work my  chest, back, shoulder, and rear deltoid muscles.
Here is a picture of this unit:

I'm Crutchless!!!!

I got a really good nights sleep last night and woke up with my knee feeling pretty good...all things considered.
I decided to try putting my crutches aside and go for a little stroll inside our place. My knee felt pretty good without the use of the crutches. I was even able to go up the stairs and down the stairs without the use of the crutches.
Not bad considering that I started walking around without the aid of crutches about 69 hours after I had the surgery done.
Tonight I get to take my first shower since having the surgery and boy am I looking forward to it. The only one looking forward to it more is Veronica.
I get to take the ace bandage and gauze off and replace it all with 3 band-aids to cover the 3 small sutured areas.
All in all....a darn good day.

Medical Update

Yesterday morning I woke up with knee feeling fairly decent. I decided to try to put some weight on it. I didn't do too badly. I was able to move around our place and I could actually go up the many stairs that we step at a time using one crutch under the armpit on the same side of my hurt knee. Coming down the stairs was another matter. I had to scoot down them on my fanny until I got to the last 2-3 stairs, at which time I was able to get back up on my feet.
My knee got real sore and stiff after I had spent some time in my chair at my computer desk. When I came back upstairs, I could feel that my knee had weakened bit and had tightened up. I am sure that I had pushed things a bit.
I ended up tossing and turning last night, unable to find a comfortable position.
Today I took it easy. Easy enough that my knee feels much better than it did yesterday.
Hopefully tonight I will sleep better and tomorrow I have something to look forward to...taking the dressing off, taking a shower and putting clean bandages on my stitched up sutures.

Back From Surgery

I just got back from my surgery. Everything went well with no surprises found in my knee.
The doctor repaired both my lateral and medial miniscus's. The doctor also cleaned out some "crystals" form what they call pseudogout.
According to the Mayo Clinic... Pseudogout is also called calcium pyrophosphate deposition (CPPD) disease, pseudogout gets its common name from its similarity to gout. Pseudogout and gout both occur when crystals — one type in gout, another type in pseudogout — form in the fluid that lubricates joint linings, causing pain and inflammation.
The doctor also said that I have moderate arthritis in my knee.
So for the next couple of days I will take it easy and then I will try to start putting some weight on the leg.
After taking a couple of prescribed pain pills, I think it is time to head off to bed and relax for a little bit.

Getting Ready For Surgery

This morning is my surgery for the torn meniscus's in my right knee. I needed to be at the local Regional Medical Center by 10:45AM. The surgery is supposed to start around 11:30. I am hoping to be back home by 3 this afternoon. I am not expecting any issues or complications when the doctor gets in there with the scope and checks things out. He will do what he has to on the meniscus issue and then some cleaning out and tweaking things. Then it is just a matter of letting things heal up and strengthening the knee. I hope to back on my long walks before you know it. See you on the flip side.

Our Journey To Lands End

This morning Veronica and I got up early and packed us a picnic lunch for a day trip to Hatteras. We ended up driving from our house to where the road, NC12, ends and where you have to take a ferry to Ocracoke Island.
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