Canadian Vacation 2008 Last Day

This morning we awoke at our regular time. We had breakfast up at the lodge and then said our goodbyes to all the guides and folks at camp. We checked out I said my final goodbye to Dakota for the year. Then we went to Dryden and did what laundry we had left so that we wouldn't have to do tons of laundry when we returned home. We then drove down highway 502 to International falls. Going through Customs was a piece of CAKE only one car was ahead of us.
We were able to check in early in our beautiful super 8 hotel room ( not). Put gas in the rental car yet again.
This afternoon we will be having an early dinner at our favorite restaurant the Chocolate Moose.
We will be going to bed super early tonight since our flight leaves at 4:45 a.m. tomorrow.
This will put us into Norfolk at 11:54 a.m., then back home we will drive finishing up yet another great vacation to Canada. I will summerize my thoughts about our vacation upon returning home. Until then I wish you tight lines and huge fish.
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