Alternative Ways To Display Vacation Photographs

Because we have so many photographs, Veronica and I had to come up with a different way of displaying them all.
We decided to use a "line display" using a length of yarn which the ends were tied to hooks that were screwed into the wall. This line display is the same type that we used to display many of Veronica's artistic tags.
Both line displays are over the head board of our bed.
Upstairs we utilized an ornamental tree type of wire/wood art and decided that this was going to become our Travel Tree. Numerous photographs of our travels are now hung up on this tree. Some photos are back to back so no matter where or which side or what angle you view this tree from, you will be able to see various travel photos.
We also placed all of our "we were here" footprint photos. Everywhere we travel to we take at least one photo with both of our shoes that we are wearing next to let's say a manhole cover that has writing on it. The manhole covers that we choose usually has some sort of writing that shows the location of where we are at. Sometimes just the color of what we are standing on or near is enough to remind us of the location where we took that particular photo. A perfect example would be the photo of our feet at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The natural chemical compounds in the water at the Blue Lagoon turns the rocks and everything around the lagoon white in color.
By taking these traveling shoe photos, it reminds us of all of the amazing places we have been to.
We used yarn to connect the "branches thus allowing us more areas in which to hang our photos.  Below are some photos of our Travel tree, our line display and a couple of Christmas Tree and stocking photos:

 Our stockings are stuffed to the top with goodies
 Our tree...many of the gifts around the backside of the tree, near the sliding glass doors are for our favorite little one...Savannah 

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