Almost There!!!!

Hi everyone,
Been laying low and keeping myself as busy as possible. I have been doing my best to not think about my surgery tomorrow. For the most part it has worked fairly well. Really dreading tomorrow but I also want to get it over with. I want to get on the healing side of things and not the anticipatory and anxiety filled side, which I am currently on. Unfortunately my sugery isn't until 2PM EST. I am not allowed to eat or drink anything all day. As if I won't be miserable no food or drink. Not sure if I will write anything right after the surgery. I will have to see how I feel. I won't be able to eat any solid foods for several days. I tried that after the last surgery. It wasn't worth the pain involved. I stocked up on 4 six packs of pudding in various flavors and 2 cartons of ice cream and of course some cans of chicken noodle soup. Believe it or not, a person can get sick and tired of pudding and ice cream. I never thought it was possible until I had to do it. Give me steak, thin crust pizza and all of the crunchiest crackers that you can find...real food. Because tonight will be my last "real" meal for a little while, I am going to splurge. I have been wanting to try the new spicey hot chicken wings at KFC. So tonight it will be a small box of KFC hot spicey chicken wings and a large extra crunchy chicken breast. Tonight the diet goes out the window. I will definately make up for it over the next several days. Well, it's time for my walk. I will check in with y'all in the near future.
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