Day 4 Alaska Cruise Vacation - Skagway

On Day 4 of our Alaskan cruise vacation, we went to Skagway. I wrote quite a long blog entry about Skagway last year. If you would like more info about Skagway, please click here... The Other Skagway
Here is Skagway as you enter the harbor.

There is a story behind the writings on the rock walls just outside of Skagway. When Skagway was first developed, people were coming and going all the time. People used to write on these rocks as a way to communicate with their friends.

People getting off the cruise ship...the NCL Pearl
This is the White Pass Railroad tour that we took as soon as we got off of the ship

Almost time for those magic words...."All Aboard"
Here is old Engine 95
I hate taking photos through glass always end up with glare. I could have stood in the small space that is between the train cars but it was cold and there were a number of people out there already. Plus I wouldn't know when something good was coming up to be photographed until it was already upon me.

The building in the background is where they do the mechinical and cosmetic work on the train cars and engine

When the train took sharp corners, I was able to photograph the train that we were on.
Rapids in the valley below
There is a cross on the boulder to honor two railroad workers that lost their lives when the boulder came down upon them years ago
There were several wooden bridges that we passed over, one that was no longer in use and 2 tunnels we went through

Here is a photo of our train that we were on

Here is one of the two tunnels that we went through

This is the bridge that we didn't go over

This bridge we did go over

This guy has "Brakeman" written all over him...literally and figuratively
Here is the aforemetioned boulder again
Rapids down in the ravine

This red caboose was donated to Park Services and is used by hikers that need a place to stay overnight

I saw this old half buried locomotive as we went quickly by it. I ended up standing quite a bit of time looking for it on our return trip to Skagway. I sure did not want to miss this shot again. Unfortunately there was glare from the window

There were some interesting old homes
in Skagway

Here is Veronica with yet another new friend...every port of call.....a new friend
Yep...I got talked into being photographed. It is not often that I go on the other side of the lense

When we got off of the train, I was told about several older drawings on the rocks. I am sure that they have been "spruced up" since they we originally written

After our train ride, we went into Skagway to do some exploring.
Various stores in Skagway

Walking around Skagway was very easy...little to no traffic while we were there

This was the insides of the Red Onion Saloon. They had a brothel tour that I could have taken but I decided against it...I know...stupid me

This is the altered locomotive that they used to clear the snow off of the train tracks

I always join in on a good hike. I was no dummy...I took the lightest backpack...look at the ones the "smart guys" took.

I do believe that those are "the ladies of the night" in those windows
Just click on this picture to enlarge it

We went into a rock shop that was on a side street in Skagway and I found these little beauties

Next port of call on our cruise is Hoonah, Alaska. I found Hoonah to be the most interesting area for photo opportunites.

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