2nd Full Day Of Our Paris Vacation

Today Veronica and I planned on taking this lock which was bought by Veronica for this special occasion and place it with all of the other locks that are on the Lovers Bridge.
 This is the statue that was basically right outside our apartment buildings door
 Below is one of the many fountains that are throughout the city of Paris
 Here we are near the Lovers Bridge
 Here we are proudly displaying the lock that came thousands of miles with us

 Here is just a very very small portion of locks that have been hung on Lovers Bridge

 They have many flower shops in Paris

 Along with flower shops and fountains Paris has a lot of statues

Here we are taking a little break from all of the walking around

The dome of Le Sorbonne

The Pantheon

A government building

I just happened to look up and saw this guy appearing as if he was going to jump

St-Etienne-du-Mont in Paris is an attractive Gothic church with some unique features inside and out. Built over a long period between 1492 and 1626.  It contains the shrine of St. Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris.

 If it wasn't hazy this day this would have been a great shot of the Eiffel Tower
 Art that was on the side of a building

 More art..it was everywhere

 A chocolate store that we went into. Had to buy a little something

 Innovative window marketing and art
 Another Metro station down below

 The King of his world

They had a lot of old and interesting doors throughout Paris

 In Italy this is called Bocce Ball...in France it is called Boule

 We saw these little works of art hanging in this stores window and had to go in

 This guy was in a window and I did a little experimenting with one of my editing programs and came up with these two variations

 Another flower shop

 More store window  art
 Got a burger at this place. It wasn't bad. The vibe was 50s
 This lady had an apartment above the restaurant

 Haven't seen these in years

 This guy was motoring around on this mini bike or at least his wheels were mini

Below are various photos and versions of Notre Dame and the surrounding area


 We saw these military types several times while we were in Paris. There were always three of them and they always walked in formation. They carried what appeared to be some type of Uzi weapons. We saw them in the Parks, the metro, near the Eiffel Tower and here around Notre Dame

 There are street performers and musicians everywhere in Paris

This is the St. Michel area. Line upon line of shops and restaurants.

 We found our favorite restaurant in this area after having read the reviews and looking at the menu online. They had the best burgers around. The restaurant was always clean. The servers and cooks extremely friendly. Before our trip was over with, we were regulars at the
Frogburgers at the St. Michel location.They have 2 addresses in the Paris area. One is in the "Bastille" area and the other is in the "St. Michel" area. Here is the link to their web site..
Frogburgers  And before I forget...they even have their own beer which they brew themselves and have been since 1993. Their own line of beer is called...FrogBeer of course. Were you expecting anything else. So if you are in the Paris area and have a yearning for a really good burger...I suggest you try out Frogburgers!!

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