Time To start Thinking About Gardening

Today is Sunday, March 11th. I have already started preparing for this years vegetable gardening season. I am in the process of growing various tomato and pepper plants indoors under grow lights.
I went to both Walmart and Home Depot and bought a bunch of seed potatoes..Northland Red, Yukon Gold and a different variety of Yukon Gold.
I took all of the potato tomato seeds and placed them on trays and I have them either in front of a sunny window or under the grow lights. Eyes have popped out on all of the seed potatoes.
I got my portable cloth garden out of the shed and put it together for my potatoes bed. I put the initial layer of gardening soil in it...approximately 3-4" deep.
I also ventured into my 2 fenced in gardens and got some work done. Last year I dug up my oval shaped garden area. This is the garden that I had planted my huge sauce tomatoes in last year. At the end of last season I turned the soil, fenced the garden in and then laid down some landscape/garden cloth that keeps the weeds out but allow air and water the go through the cloth.
I went into both of those fenced on gardens and cut out circles where I would plant my corn seeds. I made sure that this year I did not crowd the spacing between where each corn stalk would be. Last years corn crop was pathetic because I tried to plant to many varieties and the spacing was not adequate for the corn to grow properly. Now that I am utilizing both fenced in gardens for corn there is no need to not space the corn properly.
Below are photos of what I have got accomplished so far both inside and out:

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