My Dependable Travellng Companions

Back in 2009 Veronica and I were preparing for our very first cruise and also our very first time going to Alaska.
Prior to that cruise I bought my very first pair of Merrell shoes. The style was Gemini.
Besides my wife Veronica, these Merrell Gemini shoes have been my trusted and dependable traveling companion since 2009 and they are still going strong.
These shoes have been on the soil of many countries during its travels and they have never flinched once nor failed on ice, snow, sleet, rain, concrete, or cobblestone.
Besides being waterproof and having Vibram soles these shoes are extremely comfortable so much so that whenever I travel overseas the first thing I grab besides a suitcase and my wife's hand, I grab my tried and true Merrell Gemini shoes.
These shoes have traveled to Alaska, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, numerous trips to France and numerous trips to Italy. These shoes are going to be traveling this year to Venice again and later in the year to Hungary and the Czech Republic.
So many miles from so many places have been put on these shoes.
If these Merrell Gemini shoes could talk...oh the sole-ful stories they could tell.
***Please note- No shoes were harmed or injured during the writing of this blog entry!

Update On The Garden

Well the garden is coming along pretty good. The pepper plants are starting to really grow and the corn has started coming up with some of the stalks being about 6" tall already. I planted 113 corn seeds and right now all but 5 have not broken ground. If I dont see any progress on those 5 seeds  I will re-plant seeds. Those 5 plants may be behind the other plants in growth but I am sure they would do fine as the season moved along.
Below are some new photos showing you the progress made in my garden.

Tomato plant with potatoes on either side 

Pepper plants

Below are carrots

More potato plants

Potato plants with 3 tomato plants behind the potato patch

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