And Then The Skies Opened Up

The night before last we had some interesting weather pass through our area. I decided to venture out on our 2nd story balcony, that is right outside of our bedroom, and took some photos.
The closer the storm got to us, the darker the clouds got.
It got real quiet for a moment and then the wind started to really pick up.
I started searching for a funnel cloud thinking that a tornado was a possibility.
I did not see any circular movement to the clouds nor anything else that might indicate that a tornado was probable.
Next thing I know, the skies broke loose and we ended up with torrential downpours that lasted a good 1/2-3/4 of an hour.
Both Veronica and I love a good tornadoes or hurricanes but a good thunderstorm, with the light show and all of the that's some good stuff.
We have not had very many yet, at least since we have lived here.

This was what it looked like when it got real quiet and then the wind really picked up.

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