Whole House Backup Generator Is Up And Running

Our install of whole house backup Generac generator has been completed and we are up and running. This gives us peace of mind should the electricity ever go out, whether it be for a short period of time or for an extended period of time.
We remember what it was like when we stayed in our home during a hurricane that hit he Outer Banks a few years ago. The absolute worse part, at least for us and granted others had it much much worse, was when we lost our electrical power and it took a solid week to get it back on. Besides the food that was lost it was the lack of air conditioning that really made us miserable especially with the high humidity levels caused by all of the water and moisture everywhere.
We now know that no matter whether we are home or away our frozen food and refrigerated food items will be safe and that we can live somewhat comfortably until the power is officially restored.
Besides getting the generator installed, the painting of our house has begun. Depending on the weather, the house should be finished sometime later this week. Before and after photos will follow once the project is complete.
We will be getting our deck torn out and getting it rebuilt using the TREX brand composite decking...no painting and extremely low maintenance...maybe washing it down once in a while. We plan on extending our deck by a foot all of the way around, just to have a little more deck space. More on that project in the future.
Here are a few photos of the new Generac generator:

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